Smoke detector

  • Model: NAP-07
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Model: NAP-07.
Smoke detector.
Ionization and radiation safety performance characteristics:
Ionization activity: 0.5uCi (18KBq) ± 10% 0.8uCi (30KBq) ± 10%
Ionization source of a spectrum: Peak: 4.5MeV ± 10%, FW HM <0.7MeV
Standard Security Classification (GB4075, IS02919) C64444
Ionization dose rate of camera at 25cm: 0.03mGy/year (less than one of the standard dose groups of 1mGy value)

Technical specifications of ionization chambers, parameters:
Condition: covers between the electrode and the base electrode voltage source (power supply voltage in operation): 9 V
Ambient temperature: 20 ± C at atmospheric pressure: close to normal atmospheric pressure, clean air
Balance potential collector: 5.3 ~ 6.5V
Collector potential with smoke concentration
Dimming rate 1% ft: 0.6V
Dimmer 4% ft: 2.2V
Insulator leakage current (Max): 0.5pA
Capacitance (collection end electrode + to cover between the source base): 6.0pF

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