LK863 Infrared SMD rework station

1,LK863 with 6vfunctions:infrared weld, Hotairwelding, melt preheater system, Lead free solder, Operating Lighting and magnetic rail shelf.

2,It breakthroughs the defects that the traditional hot air SMD rework stations cover the part, and when it heats up, the heat will destoy the parts.

3,It utilizes the international advanced infrared reworking and soldering technology: use infrared to heat up evenly the parts with the sharp radiation.

4,It can rework and solder all the parts with the length of 15-35cm directly.

5,It installs 600W placstic heating system with the coverage of 120x120mm. Magnetic PCB holders are attached to make it convenient and practical.

6,Infrared heats up without air flow, so it does not affect the other parts around. It adapts to all the parts, especially to BGA, SMD parts.??????????????

7,The non-lead soldering station utilizes Japan white light heating cores with long life span, efficient heating.